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A life story as told by the evidence of taxing affairs through the tax letter envelope. This detailed life story illustrates a light hearted and poignant slant on the HM Revenue & Customs tax return or repayment claim form. A lifelong correspondence accompanying taxation and payment.

Nineteen ink jet on canvas monoprints - Contained and displayed under glass in a handmade wooden 'Ledger'. Price on request.

University Graduation


Fairly good grades - The bank balance isn't looking too healthy - better get a job - any job - soon.
Good Luck!

Good Luck

Sensible decision to employ a company to compile a good CV - Good decision! - Applications are in - all over the country - let's await the results.


It's a good start and will help to pay off those nagging loans and keep the bank happy. Not quite what we had hoped for but in a few years you may well progress. Keep in mind that a union of marriage has a beneficial influence on a tax account.
Moving House


The first rung on the property ladder - overtime may be required to keep up the payment schedule.
Wedding Day


The benefits are immediate.
Baby Boy

First Child

Time to set up a trust fund perhaps - remember nappies are cheaper when bought in bulk.
Baby Girl


A larger property with a bigger garden may make life easier.


Don't work too hard - It may be advisable to consider this time as the intense period within an entire working life. See the 'bigger picture'.


Time to enjoy the rewards of hard work and experience - Perhaps a higher management position is an attainable goal.
8th Birthday


Finding a good Secondary School is important - consider moving to a better area, or perhaps consider the fee paying option?


At last, perhaps any outstanding student loan can now be finally paid off in full.
Happy 21st

Fleeing the nest

Those fees and the year out travelling - Keep at it...
Happy Anniversary


The endowment mortgage proved to be a sensible decision over time.
Best Wishes


Children have settled, sensible move - downsize to the cottage, keep up that three day week.


Investing in the garden? Cash in some capital investments and build that gazebo, plenty of time...
Wish you were here


Moving abroad to the sun is possible, generally pensions have more value there. Keep your investments in the U.K. as bank cards are acceptable world wide. Stay within agreed credit limits.
merry christmas

A place in the sun

Bom dia, Seasons cumprimentos! Keep in touch and don't forget to notify us of any change of address.
get well soon

Aches and pains

Sorry to hear about your illness. Remember, National Insurance contributions may not have the same value abroad.
with condolences

Denouement (Sans everything)

We write with sadness and apologise for the spelling error, the letter was automatically printed and dispatched before it was noticed by the team. Heartfelt condolences to your grieving family. Who is the nominated executor of the estate?
The Tax ledger - the book of life