So much is written about painting techniques for artists but if you are looking for practical answers to your burning questions about oil painting techniques then you may not be able to find the right answers.

This painting techniques section has information and step by step projects. Offering a cross section of different painting techniques, methods and skills.

There are rules, but then no rules, as applied to painting - The best way to look at any form of advice regarding artist's painting techniques is to start by learning from the experience of the many great painters of the past and to retrieve some of these techniques while using modern mediums.

If you have seen an effect on an oil painting and do not know how to achieve it - the answer may be that you need to build up more skill - to learn more about the mediums that can be used in order to achieve your required effect.

Our painting techniques page is intended for your guidance and as a sharing device - We have years of experience that we are happy to share and are always pleased to hear about new and innovative painting materials and mediums.

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