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These projects may be exactly what you are looking for. They could also be seen as triggers for you to create a 'tailor' made project in collaboration with us for your workplace, home or a public area.
The experience of commissioning your own artwork or interactive project is an exciting and rewarding experience - Much less expensive than you might anticipate.

Please take the time to view our Commissions page and create a work that truly reflects you.

Art for offices, group of perspectrum paintings A group or crowd view of perspectrum Art for offices paintings

Perspectrum is a democratic, participatory series of paintings that invites the viewer to interact and contribute information to be added to and sustain the existing work.

The information that each participant contributes relates to the imagined colour and hue of mood throughout the twelve month period of a typical year.

Each canvas is a representation of the information provided and so becomes a tonal portrait of each individual.

The resulting 28 x 32cm painting (in oil and beeswax) is the artist's objective view of the given details. View examples of completed perspectrum paintings.

Gallery of Perspectrum paintings

These paintings are generally exhibited as a group but have equal value and timbre when viewed as an individual portrait.

The information is submitted on a standard form - some participants write their feelings and colours while others use both descriptive prose and colour - using coloured pencils, pens or any other media that they feel most comfortable with.

The benefit to an office environment your home or a public space rests in the unique emotional intensity of each portrait tempered by the compelling overall spectacle of the group of paintings. The public anonymity of each participant is recommended to more accurately represent a unified team or 'crowd'.

The varied and surprising colour combinations and compositional idiosyncrasies of these paintings are entirely due to the individual complexities of those who take part in the project.

"My role is to objectively apply the specified colour and brushwork without complication - in a relaxed and open-minded manner"

One example of written information below is linked to its completed painting.

3 Examples of submitted 'forms'

For perspectrum portraits for a company or team: Call us to discuss your art project needs To order your individual perspectrum portrait or portraits: Complete the Perspectrum form - available to print out.

perspectrum form form for individual colour portrait An example of a completed Perspectrum form
    This form is linked to the completed painting - Perspectrum 10

A Taxing Life

Life tax returns

A life story as told by the evidence of taxing affairs through the tax letter envelope. This detailed life story illustrates a light hearted and poignant slant on the HM Revenue & Customs tax return or repayment claim form. A lifelong correspondence accompanying taxation and payment.

View the collection of monoprints - inkjet on canvas - displayed and contained within a hand crafted wooden ledger.