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How we work... Dungeness Open Studios

Paintings, prints and projects on show are made to a finish in 'The LAB' to the right of Studio 2 and completed over time in early morning sessions in all other buildings.

Studio 1 is used as the 'clean space' for colouring and finishing relief prints.

AnX2.O_ hosts residencies for visiting artists and is used as an impromptu showingcasing space for new projects or as a viewing room for individual works seen online.

Studio 2 - 'The clean white space' for finishing and previewing larger paintings.

As a rule, as soon as paintings, prints or drawings are completed they are hung prior to purchase or further exhibition.

We do not consider our showing spaces to be a 'gallery' as such, more an extension of a continuing working practice enabling the public preview of work in a clean, attractive and organised environment.

The studios are run by the owner/artist Paddy Hamilton who has extensive domestic and international experience of solo and collaborative shows and events, curating and managing exhibitions and producing commissioned work on given themes.

Paintings, Drawings and Prints - Paddy Hamilton

Art from the studio - on the beach at Dungeness, Kent, UK.

Oil Paintings on linen and canvas, drawings and prints on Arches or cold-pressed paper.

  • All paintings shown here are painted in oil on stretched linen or canvas.
  • We maintain very reasonable prices for original artworks including one-off paintings, sequential works or complete projects.
  • Choose from an exciting collection of work.
  • Whether you are looking for a figurative feature painting in oil, or abstract work, prints or drawings - Our Studios produce artworks of the finest quality.
  • Commission an original painting, print or drawing from us.

When you purchase a painting from us you are buying original art without added gallery commission and costs - directly from the Studios.
No extra markup on top of the production costs that the professional artist requires.

We have an easy payment structure - we accept all major credit cards, cheques, bank transfers and transactions via PayPal.

We have the passion and the experience of the art world - We produce thought-provoking work - Desirable paintings and prints for homes, interiors and public spaces.
We work to a given brief from an interior designer or architect.
Find a feature painting for your home and buy online.

Commissions are welcomed.

When you order a painting from the Paddy Hamilton Studios you can expect:

  • Highest quality results - using the finest artist's materials.
  • Friendly receptive service from people who are committed to good business practice.
  • A fair price and real value.
  • A secure online payment system.
  • Swift and robust shipping service.
  • Discounted prices for repeat orders from Friends of the Studios.

For any questions or queries please contact us

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