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View a comprehensive list of past commissions carried out by Paddy Hamilton Studios. With years of experience in professional painting Hamilton Studios can undertake and project manage commissions for homes, interior designers, portrait commissions, corporate commissions and painting commissions for architects and specifiers.

Please contact us to discuss any interesting painting commission that you would like us to consider. Because of the nature of commissioning itself - each project is considered individually.

If you select a painting or a group of paintings that is ideal for print production - we will set up a quote.

We are experienced in working with professional creatives and designers - and welcome interaction and discussion concerning small design projects as well as large integrated projects.

A selection of recent commissions *Please scroll down the page*

A new commissioned painting - Oil on fine linen - Size: 34 cm X 44 cm

Inconsequential composition on Dungeness beach (New series of paintings)

Large figurative oil painting a solitary figure  on Dungeness beach

A fine mess IV - Title - 'Ennui/Duende'

Painting Size: 138cm x 102cm.

Contact us to arrange a viewing or to receive a higher resolution image, select the image to view other large paintings in this series.

A medium sized painting in a series of night paintings exploring the atmosphere, elegance and mystery of Dungeness beach and its working environment at dusk or... in the night.

Showbiz night painting Dungeness Beach

Painting Size: 42cm x 50cm

Show biz Dungeness - (Fine mess VI)

Mulberry oil painting Greatstone Kent U.K.

'Watertower - Mulberry' - Oil on linen

Dimensions - 24 X 18 cm (Right panel above)


Parish spire

St Peter's - spire

Oil on linen

New Catamaran on the beach painting Dungeness Beach

An oil painting on linen - Size: 78 cm X 51 cm

A celebrated fishing catamaran on Dungeness beach

Commissioned print triptych Dungeness Beach

Commissioned Lino cut triptych - *Working title - 'Anthropormorphic tangental composition'

Title - 'Ace and Grace' - The conception of this triptych arrived slowly over time, initially sparked by light-hearted conversation over the kitchen table and subsequently through emails exchanged commenting on working drawings shown on line.

A VW Combi ready for renovation in the storm

Medium sized (commissioned) oil painting in the series based on the rough elegance and beauty of Dungeness beach.

Storm Combi - Stitcher - size 36cm x 16cm Oil and Beeswax on linen

New Storm Combi II - size 36cm x 16cm Oil and Beeswax on linen

Diptych a landscape oil painting of a wooden fishing cottage surrounded by telegraph poles on the beach at Dungeness

A cheerful and evocative landscape diptych featuring one of the beautiful authentic wooden houses on the East-side Dungeness Beach.

The accompanying portrait of the overshadowing poles and washing lines - seen as the forest - complete the mood of this pairing.

The Project celebrates a fine mess painted with a reverence for The Hudson River School.

In a similar style see Cone Diptych

 little couple on Dungeness beach diptych oil on linen painting  Reworked and re-established figurative narrative rendering oil on linen painting Dungeness

Mirror Diptych - 'Little couple on the rise'

Paintings commissioned as a birthday surprise to celebrate a profound and magical 'bright winter sun' visit to the beach.

Created to a tight deadline - Oil on linen

Size - 30cm X 40cm X2


Pocket Paintings

Small commissioned paintings Lucky dog of destiny on Dungeness beach


Three of four 'lucky' birthday paintings

For domestic commissions, gifts for clients and friends - Visit Pocket paintings

How to commission a painting

You may wish to commission a painting or a limited edition print - With us it generally works something like this:
  • A client expresses an interest in a commission - for instance they may want a portrait painting, an interpretive painting or drawing in the manner of a favourite artist or a landscape.
  • Firstly we will set up a consultation on site - it is a good idea to have your own personal overview of style and content but you don't have to be too specific at this stage because you will be working in collaboration with the artist.
  • Ideas for the painting, its costing, the layout and style will develop during the initial consultation process and will be made available to be viewed in the studios or as high resolution photographs online.
  • After the first meeting we will come up with some ideas and a rough plan for the painting.
  • At no stage will the payment system be unclear or woolly - whatever is agreed verbally will be confirmed in writing.
  • We have the experience to work within deadlines; when everything has been agreed, a date will be set for the completion of your painting.
  • The content and style of the painting will be taken from a number of initial reference points - the painting will most likely be referenced obliquely to a particular artist who is admired by both you and the painter.
  • During the consultation process you are encouraged to seek out your own reference points to be discussed with the artist.
  • Good paintings are achieved from working in the studio. Paddy Hamilton rarely paints on location but prefers to take all points of reference back to the studio and paint.
  • If you require a frame for your painting - this is separate to the painting commission. You may decide to hang the painting as is, on its stretcher - or you may decide to have the painting framed - whatever your requirements we will work with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Hamilton Studios... Welcomes commissions and illustration work