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Evolving show of Structure related paintings direct from the painting studio.

Recent oil paintings - Current show - Stages of requirement - Trove - Structure paintings.

Simplified structures - Encountered, functional, ingenious, hand made, strong, beautiful.

A show of beach colour balance

Boats, machines, structures, jigs, private passions made public. Unique atmospheres and compositional elements never made ordinary by daily familiarity. Large, small and medium sized figurative paintings - oil/pigment/beeswax on linen.

On show in Dungeness Open Studio 2 - Select individual image for details, size, price and availability.

Autumn show Studio 2 Dungeness  Studio on the beach at Dungeness Large Oil painting beach tractor for boats at Dungeness


Studio 2

South view

Treasure trove and tractor oil painting of Dungeness Beach combi van painting and tractor- Contemporary lino prints Twister

South group - Trove

Northeast view

East Twister + Classy combi + Beautiful tractor

Biod caravan Dungeness oil painting Evening painting of Dungeness Beach, abstracted painting structure buoy


Ace Structure
 Stacks, prints of the fishboxes of Dungeness  oil painting red container oil painting classy-camper
International fishboxes Red container II - Pocket painting Classy camper
beautiful tractor painting on the beach at Dungeness Winch shed Dungeness Dungeness beach painting of a marker cone

Beautiful tractor

Flimsy structure Cone point marker

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Dungeness beach twister shed prints
Fleet - A series of small oil paintings