Dungeness Lighthouse painting

A demonstration of the artist's technique and use of materials using the latest painting of Dungeness old lighthouse at night
Oil Painting lighthouse painting in progress Painting lighthouse
Stage 1: Linen sized with added Crimson powdered pigment. Then thin glazes of Van dyke Brown and Ultramarine to lay in the composition. Stage 2: Ultramarine, White and Raw Umber mixed with Beeswax, turps & linseed oil reinforcing composition and building up a textured surface. Stage 3: Glazes of Hookers Green, Prussian Blue mixed with Beeswax, turps & linseed oil darkening and blending to create dramatic contrasts.
Oil Painting lighthouse cows family portrait paintings
Stage 4: Use a clean rag and Turpentine to remove some colour to create lyrical passages and reveal underpainting colour. Stage 5: Glazes of Yellow Ochre, White, Prussian Blue and Black with Beeswax, turps & linseed oil to reinforce elements of the new composition. Final Stage: Shift away from lyrical to emblematic. Pinks, Orange, Yellow Ochre with White and final glazing with Prussian Blue.

Progression of an oil painting

Top Tip: When embarking on a dark painting of a tangible subject always allow your painting to dry between glazes. Take your time to mix colour and work from dark tones to mid-tones to bright colour being aware that a subtle suggestion of light on an object or colour contrast is your aim.

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