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Final drawing from the Windows series

Light hearted drawing of an interior and exterior featuring religious imagery.

Windows Nun and Confessional

Price: £180

Windows and Space - drawing 18
Individual image size: 26 x 40cm on A1 Paper
Paper is arches quality BFK deckled. Unframed.
The postage is free for UK dispatches.

Available drawings

interior and exterior worlds the topiary garden

Interior and exterior worlds, the topiary garden Formal exterior world from the window

interior and exterior worlds

Windows and Stairs An atmospheric graphite drawing of interior and exterior worlds

Energy from Dungeness

Windows and Space Dungeness power station from the minds eye, giant shed, energy step down.

Window tree bauble

Window Tree Bauble Wistful drawing of an exterior and interior view.

interior and exterior worlds the topiary garden

the Butt and Ben Elevation